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Idyllic Beach Getaway

Discover the unrivaled beauty and serenity of paradise beaches across the globe, meticulously handpicked for you. Allow your senses to be enticed by Africa's hidden coastal gems, bathed in warm sunrays mirrored by sparkling sands. Journey across to the radiant beaches of Asia, where entrancing sceneries redefine your idea of paradise. Let the calming rhythm of the Caribbean's turquoise waves lull you into a peaceful trance, or fall in love with Mexico's vibrant beaches carved by nature's hands, a testament to romance and serenity. Lastly, tread the soft sands of Europe's pristine beaches, a love affair between earth and sea. Our choice of idyllic beaches will turn your dreams of a sun-soaked paradise into a splendid reality.

Couples Getaways

Discover the enchanting allure of romantic beach paradises perfect for a couple’s getaway. Immerse yourself in the soothing comfort of soft, golden sands caressing your feet, while the rhythmic whisper of turquoise waters sweep away the ordinary. Surrender to the warm embrace of the sun and lavish in a never-ending lover's retreat, where everyday tasks fade away, leaving space for love to flourish. Whether it's a honeymoon or an anniversary, or simply a well-deserved escape from daily life, our carefully curated romantic beach getaways offer a unique experience, combining luxury, comfort, and a spectacular setting where love is the only language. Discover paradise together and create memories in the sand that will last a lifetime.

Culture Packages

Experience the thrill of discovering new cultures with our expertly curated culture travel packages. Aimed to delight the discerning traveler, our packages provide you a chance to cross off those bucket list destinations while fully immersing yourself in the locals' way of life. Whether you're embarking on an exotic safari, relaxing on a pristine beach, indulging in world-class cuisine at local eateries, or exploring quaint villages, these packages are guaranteed to offer you a unique experience. Our promise? An unforgettable exploration of the depth and diversity of the world's cultures, crafted specially for those seeking the exceptional.

Luxury Travel Packages

As a professional in the realm of luxury travel, we invite you to immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience of opulence and grandeur. Our handpicked, premium accommodations do not just promise supreme service but also deliver a sensational feast for your senses; refined delicacies to tantalize your taste buds, hand-selected wines to transport you to the vineyards of world-class wineries, and an exclusive shopping experience that truly captures the essence of wealth. Embark on a journey of wellness with our world-renowned health spas, an oasis of tranquility designed to deliver the ultimate pampering experience, promoting holistic relaxation. Be it savoring delectable food, relishing exquisite wine, or shopping in upscale boutiques, our commitment is to provide a luxury experience that transcends the ordinary.

Girls Group Trips

Venturing solo into travel is a unique opportunity that allows for both self-exploration and the fostering of new friendships. Embarking on these personal adventures offers myriad thrilling and enriching experiences, while also presenting the chance to connect with others in unexpected ways. A highlight often includes the chance to indulge in pampering spa experiences, a luxury that allows travellers to unwind and connect with fellow spa goers. These moments of relaxation and rejuvenation become platforms for creating memorable bonds and friendships, adding an enriching layer to the solo travel experience. Solo travel, indeed, is not just about the destination, but the extraordinary encounters and experiences along the journey.

Group Trips

If you require a Private trip -

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Select the trip that works for your travel style and budget! All of our packages are customizable. We will present you with an  itinerary and make adjustments based on your preference of hotel category.

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We plan your trip based on the dates you provide us to use! 

3. Pick a payment plan

We provide fully customizable payment plans for all travelers. Simply secure your trip with a deposit and pay the remaining balance with regular installments. 

4. Travel

Get ready for a bucket list experience in Paradise! Your vacation has been curated with care and attention to detail.  

If you require a Group trip -

1. Fill out the registration form under the country you would like to join us on

Discover your dream destination by selecting the package you want from our diverse range of travel options. Our professional travel agents have already curated a broad spectrum of vacation packages to meet the diverse tastes and preferences of our esteemed clients. Whether adventure tourism or peaceful serenity is on your paradise bucket-list, we ensure a well-rounded and memorable experience. Choose from our pre-designed travel packages and let us be your guiding star in the exhilarating world of travel.

Private Trips

Experience the vacation of your dreams tailored to your exclusive desires with our private travel packages. Through our professional services, we help you secure a customized travel itinerary aligned with your bucket list, no matter how ambitious or unique. Our expertise ensures the trip seamlessly suits your preferred dates and caters to your personal tastes and interests. The detailed planning and attention to your needs guarantee a stress-free travel experience, liberating you from logistical worries. Moreover, our curated travel recommendations and cost-effective solutions efficiently reflect your budget constraints, creating unforgettable moments without overstepping your financial boundaries. With our private travel packages, step into a world of tailored luxury and transformative experiences.

Group Trips

A group travel experience offers not only a unique opportunity to explore and discover new places, but also to strengthen bonds and reflect on shared memories. Our group travel packages are meticulously designed to meet every need of your group, ranging from superior accommodations to impeccable service and succulent food. Our team of professionals meticulously curate every minute detail for optimal relaxation, eliminating the hassle of planning and waiting. You don't just get to see the world, you get to see it with like-minded individuals who share the same passion for travel. So embark on a journey of collective discovery and make lifelong memories with our group travel packages.

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What Clients are saying

"Easy and efficient! All I had to do was say where I wanted to go and I got the best deal imaginable. Hotel accommodations were a fraction of the prices I saw online and I even got a list of amazing attractions to visit during my trip! I will definitely be booking my travel here from now on!"

-D. Mason, Lorton, VA

"Paradise worked out all of the particulars for my trip to Italy with Trafalgar Tours. The goal was to see as much of Rome Venice and Florence in six days. This trip far exceeded my expectations. The accomodations, the tour guide, no wait to get into the historical locations was a plus. I would truly recommend having Paradise Love Travel to partner with a tour company to make sure you get the most out of your vacation. Totally stress free!!! Just be ready to walk. Remember its Europe!!!!"

-V. Quashie, Brooklyn, NY

"If you are looking for a travel agency on top of their game, Paradise Love Travel is the company. Celeste is very hands on and extremely attentive to details. She is a travel agent who is welled travel and understands the needs of her clients. I highly recommend her for all your travel needs."

-J. Julien, Brooklyn, NY

"Helped me have one of the best vacations of my life.
I was put in charge of a girls 40th birthday trip. I was overwhelmed by the options while searching on my own. I contacted Paradise Love Travel and shared the parameters and was presented with a few vacation ideas. Once that was narrowed down, I got a recommendation on the resort to go to based on the occasion. The recommendation was Breathless at Punta Cana! LOVED IT!
Celeste is well traveled and made her recommendations based on experience.
Best vacation ever. Everything was taken care of, travel documents sent, transfers arranged. Great service!"
-S. Newby, Lorton, VA

Breathless Montego Bay Jamaica

"I had an enjoyable adventure in Montego Bay and the accommodations was great. The resort caters to all ages and it was easy to fit in wherever you went. I look forward to using your services again. Additionally, I will recommend you to my friends.

Thank you for your services"

-Linda S Brooklyn , NY

5 stars

Secrets Resort & Spa Cabo

60th Birthday Celebration

"Celeste is thorough and was a great resource in recommending a great vacation destination."

The Kings, South Brunswick, NJ

5 stars

Secrets Maroma Cancun

Relaxing Luxurious 5 star Experience Preferred Club

"Celeste checked various locations to ensure that I would receive the exact experience that I wanted. Very enjoyable to work with!"

Sherine, Henry County, Georgia

5 stars


"Cultural experience was unmatched!"

-S Douglas, Lorton, VA

5 stars

A Great Experience

Professional and all arrangements made without complications or delays."

-L Scott, Brooklyn, New York

5 stars

5 stars

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